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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aging Liberia Speaks

By:Ernest Garnark Smith, Jr.

Battered, shattered, and tattered by the few ‘technocrats’ the meek trusted yet they remain hopeful
In anguish I was born, nurtured nevertheless I clothed myself with honor tis nations labeled me strong and beautiful
Oh yesteryear I reminisce when I spoke and acted while other nations in compliment nodded
I had thought by now as I transition from Mama to Grandma Liberia my comrades would have applauded

All Hail Liberia All Hail Liberia they sing today with hypocrisy, blurred conscience and cold passion
O with distress and fading yet abiding hope I look as the elites bootee the very future of this nation
Integrity and self-reliance I breathed into my offspring yet dishonesty and calculated evils are today’s watchwords
In honesty I proclaim that the perpetrators of April 12th, 1980 and the bloody 1990 were zombie swords

Ah how have I fallen from the once enviable post of being positive global pace-setter?
Today as I clock 166, despite my grey hair, news and realities about me made me to bow and stutter
Why wouldn't I be ashamed when abject poverty daily manufactured in the laboratory of opened corruption doesn't matter?
I chose to visit meritocracy and transparency sadly I found them bleeding and hopeless in the gutter

While comforting the faded hopefuls then came favoritism bragging of her triumph against the masses
Under the cover of tainted windshields I daily hear our birthrights is being distributed like passes
From the graves I behold Tolbert and Doe scorn me as they see and call my children ungrateful masses
At 166 what have I got to show except vein praises and emptied promises.....

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