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Thursday, January 19, 2012

F.C.Barca Unleashes Another Capital Punishment Upon Real Madrid

F.C.Barcelona unleashed another capital punishment upon Real Madrid.As usual,the verdict was passed in Barcelona.The just execution of the penalty was delivered in the backyard of Real Madrid @ d Santiago Bernabeu like we did last December.

Captain Carlas Puyol and his adjutant Eric Abidal served as the executioners.Midfield maestros Xavi and the back-back-back world deadliest soccer legs Platinum Boy Lionel Messi orchestrated and coordinated Real's demise but Madrid's death was delayed in an earnest effort to ensure they felt the pain of death becuz of being arrogant by scoring 1st like they did again in their December's massacre.

Though the Los Broncos/Madrid's death is no longer a news becos of its recurrence;  yet we do graciously invite the Soccer World @ d Famous Camp Nou 2 witness Real being embalmed live next Wednesday!
Viva Barca!

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