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Friday, May 6, 2011

Just for the sisthas-5 after-sex moves!

For so long the sisthas have cried foul of being almost usually used as sex tools,neglected and let to stare at the ceiling why we the brothas go right ahead snoring after they have given us their very 'best' and cooled our overheated engines....

Sisthas,I do subscribe to the values and views that you are far more than crying babies instead you have got embedded in you all that it takes to get us the brothas to do just what you desire.And,it is against that backdrop propeled by the wording of my brother Shaagy's song THE STRENGHT OF A WOMAN that I got inspired to researched and hit the sisterhood and sisthas' world with this article.......

It's that precious period between the end of sex and the time you either nod off or get dressed and leave. And what most guys don't realise is that they can gain maximum bonus points by using your mood to their advantage. Because women are at their most vulnerable immediately after sex when their guard is lowered, they're feeling completely relaxed and loved.

Five post-coital romancers that will make you weak at the knees;get to know them and share it with that special brother in your life............

1. Up close and personal
It's fabulous when he doesn't just roll over and turn his back on you to sleep. It would be even better if he gives you soft kisses on neutral parts of your body – shoulder, forehead – and pulls you close for a loving caress or cuddle.

2. Pillow talk
This is the time for intimate conversation which will pave the way for future success. It would be great if told you how fabulous the sex was and what a turn-on you are. And if he asks you about your dreams and ambitions then he's definitely a keeper!

3. Generosity
Although you're probably happy just lying in his arms, imagine how special it would be if he offered to make you a drink or coffee or bring you something sweet while you lay in bed.

4. Watch a video
After sex, while you're both feeling warm and snugly, is the perfect time to bond over romantic comedy.

5. A future arrangement
If you aren't "officially" dating, one way to make you feel special and wanted is by asking you out on your next date while you are lying in each other's arms in the post-coital afterglow.

Do you agree? Would these post-coital acts make you feel special and secure? Post your  in the comment box below or via email: track2311@yahoo.com and track2311@counsellor.com

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