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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonderful and yet stresful-1st day of preschool

So we've finally ventured into the school zone.

If you’ve ever wondered if you should be sending your child to school – the answer is yes. I held off for as long as I could with seeing my twins boys Er (Ernest) and Ea (Earnest) off to nursery school because of all the usual fears – will they spend all morning standing at the window crying for me? What if the other kids don’t want to play with them? Will they feel like I’ve abandoned them? Though their nursery school was just a stone throw away from our home yet I could not stand seeing them wailing and screaming as I turned my back.At that point,I had the stunning flashback about my own experience as my mum Sarah took me to school on that fateful day........

The truth is – they probably will cry a little but their nurses and teachers will know what to do to get them distracted; after all we all at some point in our academic lives trek that same route. Er was very upset the first few days and the best advice we got was – just carry on! As for the master Ea, though a bit reserved by then,he found it cool easily being at school and always look up to thier early morning preparation for school.Eventually your little one will realise that they are not going to get out of going to school (regardless of the wailing and tears) and begin to settle in.

And sure, the other kids might not like him straight away, but eventually he will make a friend and then they’ll probably never leave each other’s side. And while you may feel like you’ve abandoned him, I can guarantee that 5 minutes after you’ve left he’ll be just fine!

Be prepared for day one

Er and Ea favourite thing in the world is being neatly and colorfully dressed up by elders, so on their first day they were neatly dressed and their back packs tugged on their backs, filled with toys,lunch boxes, juice bottles and pencil cases, oh yes, and their towels and extra clothes just in case.

Don’t be alarmed if your kid wants to take something with him from home, it acts as a safety blanket. Just let the teacher know what he’s got so it at least comes home with him and doesn’t end up finding a new owner by the end of the day.

Leaving your child with someone new is never easy! I was nervous that whole morning but I don’t think it really hit me until I had to walk away from their class while they screamed and leave my babies behind. I felt like 'this is it - my little boys have got to wail today like I did when Mother Sarah left me on my 1st day at school with a sored heart yet determined that I stay to become what I am today...'

I felt emptied as I drove to work that morning -even at work I was not that bright and optimistic guy.Surely,an integral part of me was missing. And even though I knew I’d see them again when I got home, it felt like a lifetime till then. Frankly, I opted to have left my office and came home even before midday. Only to find myself peeping in their class.I was later told that it took those little rascals just five minutes after I’d left and were happily doing their art works and writing their languages only their teacher did understand.Hahahahahaha. 

Er and Ea’s routine before starting school was very relaxed – they had their mom,brothers and nurse at home and they were being showered with excessive love and care.So it was playing, eating, watching DVDs and playing with other kids that kept them busy. So the school routine of sitting and doing tasks was quite a shock to the system.

What I found helps in the mornings is that after they have gotten dressed and had breakfast is to just sit and model up and down the living room – even if it’s just for 5 minutes. 

Although nothing can fully prepare you or your child for their first day, it is a necessary step in their development.

How quickly did your child adjust to preschool? Comment below or mail us on track2311@yahoo.com.

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