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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Am Thinking Peace

                                                 Written by Richard Fatorma Ngafuan

I know those years were sad, sorrowful and dreadful,
I know brother those days were gruesomely terrible.
From the immense horrors and terrors of war
I am just striving to recover.
So I don’t want to think about war and its frustrations,
I don’t want to think about killing and destruction,
Brother, I don’t want to think about those horrible scenes,
About fresh bodies and rotten bodies,
About babies sucking the breast of their dying mothers,
For brother I am thinking peace.
I am thinking peace, brother, I am thinking peace!
I am seeking and searching unending love.
I am thinking unity and fraternity.
Brother I am thinking peace.
So brother, I no longer want to think about the day I was flogged.
I don’t want to think again about my house that was looted and burned.
I say brother I don’t want to think about revenge,
For now I am thinking peace.
No brother! Revenge is too great a burden to bear
Hate is too heavy to carry along.
And grief is too painful a yoke to sustain.

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