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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Colors of My LUV..........

Some say that Luv is blind, but my Luv is colorful…
And its color speaks volumes at a higher rate.
Red is my Luv becuz its commitment and perseverance gives life in full.
White is its color becuz it appears in its purest and natural state.

While shouldn’t it being Blue when humility is its watch world?
Yellow pigment has my Luv becuz its rays give us hope in desperation.
Pink my tender luv radiates becuz it is an affectionate cord.
Green is a trait of my luv becuz it heralds growth and procreation.

Gray is my luv becuz it is shy yet unshakable.
Friendship and companionship my luv displays with ease……
Marrow is its color becuz its friendship and companionship are stable.
Brown is my luv’s color becuz its persistency never cease.

Purple illuminations envelop my passion becuz it is irresistible.

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