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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The biggest love myths

Both the poets and the pessimists alike are masters at spouting nonsense about love. We aim to set the record straight…

Love conquers all
This is simply not true.  Ask anyone who’s been in love with an abusive partner. Or a drug addict. Or a serial cheat. Hey, even if it is a much milder situation, like having interests that are just too different or having a family that hates him. Relationships have to be practical too. So you’ll find that you might love someone very, very much and it will still not be enough. Deal with it.

A relationship can last even if the sex isn’t working
For a while maybe. But if you’re not occasionally sharing ecstasy in the sack, your relationship WILL suffer. You can’t build an entire relationship on sex, but neither can you build a relationship without it. I’m not necessarily saying couples should have lots of sex (I actually know of a couple who haven’t had sex for 4 years and who are very happy). But what you must be, is sexually compatible.

You can’t be in love with two people at the same time

Uhm, yes you can. Humans are mammals. And mammals eternally seek suitable mates. We are simple creatures, vulnerable for praise, acceptance and admiration. And falling in love happens easily and fast. With 6 billion people on the planet, odds are you would be compatible with more than just one. The crux lies in choosing and committing to one.

Once you’ve found your “soul mate” it’s forever
Nothing in life works on the “once you’ve got it you’ll never lose it” principle. So what on earth makes us think love does? If you don’t care for your relationship, if you don’t continually invest in your partner, if you don’t recommit and nurture and share and communicate and adapt, you will end up with a husk of a relationship.

What myths and untruths have you discovered about love?  It's Valentine the season of LOVE;let us put our relationships under the microscope and made the requisite amendments.........

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