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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LeBron James' Birthday Cake Probably Cost More Than Your House

LeBron James' is not known for his subtlety or modesty. The man threw himself a lavish 26th birthday party this weekend at Coco De Ville, which he didn't even pay for. Sponsorship packages were selling for $10,000 to $500,000.

And of course no b-day party is complete without a cake. This being LeBron though, he didn't settle for any Publix sheet cake. His was a four-tier affair complete with a crown and Swarovski crystals. Basically, the pastry looked like it cost more than your house.

LeBron had his cake and Tweeted it too.
Do you think anyone choked on a crystal?

This is the most ridiculous Miami Heat-related cake since Alec Baldwin's daughter had a cake replica of Lil Wayne's head made while he was wearing a Dwyane Wade Band-Aid.

Update: The cake is the handy work of local bakery Divine Delicacies (which, judging from their Twitter pic, also made a fine cake for Dwyane Wade's Birthday).

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