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Friday, December 31, 2010

For Sarah-My Mama Dear!

By:Ernest Garnark Smith,Jr.
O thou precious gem and pride of my life; many are the women on the face of mother earth, but distinctive and ONE in the billion are you in my life. Through frustrations, agonies and misfortunes of this world you gave birth to me and joyously watch me blossom. In the face of many adversaries, with love and care you envelop me always! 
Divorce is that diabolical word and event that tried detaching us for a good while
Yet you tirelessly made out times to see me whenever I was lonesome and left on my own. Every joyous moment of my life is your brightest moment and that I may succeed in the struggle you cease not to mention in your every little but fervent prayers. 

O Sarah! Can I pay for the noble perpetual services you render my soul? With gratitude I often relive my first day at school; O that Memorial Day embedded with my childish wail. Did I know that the virtuous Sarah was planting a dignified seed? My earnest quest for success in the Diaspora amidst fierce difficulties is an inherited trait from Sarah. 

All through my academic pursuit and life experiences I’ve studied, seen and spoken words, but can there be a word in its truest meaning that portray what I feel in the inside for you? Have I not subscribed to calling you “Mon-nee” because you’re my own amongst the billion mothers!
With humility, faith and self-reliant you clothed me! Respect for humanity you taught me; trust God for your needs and not wants, allegiance to your Mother’s Land, uphold norms and cultural values and exploit your natural potentials were phrases you recited at my bedside every night. 

O Sarah, my mother and woman of high caliber from whose breasts I sucked life; from whose citadel I begun, learnt values and grew. O blessed grand mom of Garnark and Garbleejay, how can we appreciate you for being our own? Yea mother of the orphan and destitute; like the rainbow your presence is cherished and adored. Mama, You’re prized! 

Author's note: 
The above poem is dedicated to my mom Sarah, my sisters and all loving mom worldwide!

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